On March 20, the (covid-19) Double antigen sandwich total antibody and IgM / IgG  Antibody Rapid Test  (colloidal gold method) jointly developed by O & D Biotechnology Co., Ltd.and Chinese Academy of Sciences was CE certified.

Product advantage

O & D Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has 20 years of poct point-of-care testing experience Integration of R & D, production and sales of our company 

   1  Provide  (covid-19) antibody test + influenza A / B virus test, combined screening to increase accuracy

  2 At present, the rare Double antibody sandwich method is jointly developed with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, with reliable quality

  3  One of the recommended manufacturers of epidemic products certified by professional organization (China Medical Equipment Association)

  4 New coronavirus antibody test, fingertip blood test, results in 10 minutes; influenza A / B test, nasal and pharyngeal secretions test, results in 15 minutes; no need of instruments, self-test, not only reduce the probability of infection to the hospital, but also reduce the burden on the hospital

  5  Normal temperature (2-30 ℃) transportation and storage, long shelf life (18 months), suitable for the current situation of insufficient international transportation capacity

6 CE certification + 13485 quality system certification + high tech enterprise certification.

Product information

the coronavirus disease (covid-19) IgM / IgG  Total Antibody Rapid Test(colloidal gold method)

Sample type and sample size: whole blood 20μl;  serum / plasma 10 μl  


Storage conditions and validity: 2-30 ℃, 18 months.

strip advantages

1 Increase of productivity :50T/Day;

2 Smaller than casstte, 1 / 12 of cartridge volume for same person-portion..

3 Performance: increase the width of NC membrane, more antigen and antibody, and improve the detection accuracy.

Contact information: business department Tel. & wechat: 13161321568


Big news, the coronavirus disease (covid-19) total antivirus rapid test (collaborative gold) of O & D Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was CE certified


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