O&D Biotech Co., Ltd. was founded in Beijing, the capital of China, in 1998. On January 13, 2006 the company pass the ISO9001 quality system certification and ISO13485 medical device quality management system certification.

O&D introduced world-class technology and advanced diagnostic products; and now it is a manufacturer of making myocardial infarction heart failure diagnostic, thin-layer production systems, biological and chemical reagents. We continue to develop new projects, and currently has 30 kinds of products which get Medical Device Registration Certificate. O&D introduce and promote the world's leading test methods and diagnostic projects for the purpose; and we are willing to work together with you to solve the problems of Chinese medical diagnosis.


The company has the following product lines:
Dry Fluorescence Immunoassay Analyzer (POCT)
CytoFast Thin-layer Cytologic Test System (TCT)
CyPath Thin-layer Cytologic Test System (TCT)
CyPath Thin-layer Cytologic Processor & Stainer System(TCT)    

O&D has a huge sales network and sound customer base all over the country; at the same time we have a first-class technical support team to provide customers with comprehensive professional and technical training. And after-sale service ensure a long-term cooperative relationship.





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